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The Meaning of Money Homepage - Where all announcements are made.

What is Real Money? - Is gold a special kind of money?

True Hourly Wage - Comparing your options is tricky.

Poverty and Income Inequality - They are not the same problem.

A Powerful and Ethical Money Making Idea - Help people and profit.

Beliefs About Money - The ones that limit you.

Adjusting to Our Falling Income - Some lessons learned.

A Gender Wage Gap? - How big is it and why?

What is the Purpose of a Job? - More than just a paycheck.

Some Creative Ways to Make Money - Anyone can try these...

Do You Need a Credit Card? - Is it more than just a convenience?

Is it My Money? - Or is part of what we make stolen?

Thinking of Money - A few ideas and ponderings.

GDP Growth - Is it Always a Good Thing? - Maybe not...

Why Business and Morality Shouldn't Be An Oxymoron - By Eric Hammer.

The Many Ways to Make Money - Which are right for you?

Fair Pay - How Should We Decide - A look at a tricky issue.

Everyday Negotiation - Some tips.

Jay Abraham - His Ideas and My Comments - A review of sorts.

Money Questions and Answers - A few answers to subscribers questions.

The Essence of Wealth Creation - Get rich honestly.

Money Trouble - Ten Reasons - And solutions.

Money Quotes - Asmall collection.

Quotes About Money - More of my favorites.

The Value of Time? - A look at how to measure this.

Usury - Definition and Another Perspective - How much interest is too much?

How to Get a Refund - A true story.

Money and Happiness Quotes - A small collection of thoughts.

A Look at Money and Happiness - A look at the research and the connection.

Think Money Can't Buy Happiness? - Maybe it's about how you spend it...

No Money? - An excuse if I ever heard one.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive - And here's a great example.

Do What You Love? - Maybe, maybe not...

Increase Profits - Ten Ways - For small businesses and large.

Family Loans and Cosigning - Should you do it?

Car Repossession - Avoiding It - And a few thoughts about debt and poor planning.

Money Ideas and Beliefs - My current thinking about money.

What is the Purpose and Function of Money? - A short explanation.

What is the Purpose of Money? - Or purposes...

What Does Financial Freedom Mean? - Not what most people think.

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