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This ubiquitous and powerful and tool buys medicine, builds homes and pays for worldly dreams, including those with spiritual motivations. It also can corrupt even the most honest of individuals. And although it is often over-valued, money is almost always important, usually more so than people realize. It is time to understand money. You might want to make more or to spend less, but in any case we could all use it more wisely.

This site covers making money, along with investing it, saving it, and thinking about it. I don't ignore meaning and purpose. Jobs and businesses are looked at not only the perspective of how to succeed, but with the question of purpose and true satisfaction always in mind. There is some bias here. I happen to think it matters how you earn a living, and that business should be conducted honestly. My thinking is forever evolving, but you can find my current thoughts on my page about my money ideas and beliefs.

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What is Real Money? - February, 2014 - Those who are "hard money" advocates like to refer to gold and silver as real money. They see paper currencies as false money, of course, or at least those that are not backed by gold, which includes all the currencies of developed nations now. This is a very limited view, and in the end, money is as valuable as people make it. It's true that the dollar was at one time backed by gold. It is also true that if a currency is fully backed by gold... Continue reading here...

What is Your True Hourly Wage? - November, 2013 - The particular job you choose is rarely just about the money itself. You weigh the financial benefits, but also the amount of interest you have in this or that position and the work it will involve. Perhaps you even look at who you will be working with, or the kind of... Continue reading here...

Fair Pay - What constitutes fair pay for the work an employee does? Is there even a need for the concept at all, or is whatever the market determines all that matters? I happen to think that the market should determine this in general, but that does not exclude the possibility that people are paid an unfairly low wage at times. (From; Fair Pay - How Do We Decide?)

Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul. - Henry David Thoreau (but don't ignore the body... SG)

Worth a Look

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Video: Money Mindset


What is Real Money? - Are precious metals of more real value than paper currency?

What is Your True Hourly Wage? - How to figure out what you make.

Poverty is the Problem - Income inequality isn't necessarily a problem.

A Powerful Money Making Idea - How to use it ethically.

Beliefs About Money - The good and the bad.

Our Falling Income - How we adjusted to the new reality.

A Gender Wage Gap? - Why does it still exist?

What is the Purpose of a Job? - Some alternative answers.

The Many Ways to Make Money - Finding the ones that suit you.

Why Business and Morality Shouldn't Be An Oxymoron - By Eric Hammer.

Fair Pay - How do we determine what it is?

Some Creative Ways to Make Money - Try one of these!

Do You Need a Credit Card? - Yes, it is actually tough to get by without one.

My Money? - Is it really all mine just because I made it?

Thinking of Money - How it can corrupt, and the mistakes in how we see it.

GDP Growth - Is it always good for a country?

Fair Pay - Who determines what it is and how?

Everyday Negotiation - Suggestions and questions of ethics.

The Essence of Wealth Creation - What is wealth and how do you create it?

Money Trouble - Ten reasons why, and what to do about them.

Quotes About Money - Another small collection.

The Value of Time? - What are your days and hours worth?

Usury - Definition and Another Perspective - Is charging high interest immoral?

A Look at Money and Happiness - Is there a connection? How do we measure?

Think Money Can't Buy Happiness? - It could matter how you use it...

What Is the Purpose and Function of Money? - In other words, why do we need it?

Money and Happiness Quotes - Serious thoughts and witty humor.

How to Get a Refund - I was lied to and mislead, but I got my money back.

No Money? - Or is that just something we say?

Ask and Ye Shall Receive - A lesson in negotiation.

Family Loans and Cosigning - Why loans may be better than cosigning.

What Is the Purpose of Money? - For you...

What Does Financial Freedom Mean? - Something different here.

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Your Job Is Your Business - If you choose to look at in this way, a job is just another form of business. When you are employed you're in the business of selling your labor - both mental and physical - and your employer is your customer. Thinking of it this way brings up some interesting questions. For example, how good are you doing on customer service? Are there better customers out there that you might sell to? Are there other ways to make your business more profitable? Finally, if you are in business anyhow, is it perhaps a better idea to be in a business that doesn't limit your income so much and rely on just one customer who can put you out of business on a whim?


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